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Traffic Referee, David Doto

 DavidDotoDavid Doto
 Traffic Division Referee
 Las Vegas Township Justice Court

 September 28, 2015 - present


David Doto was selected as the new Traffic Division Referee on September 28, 2015. Prior to being selected, David had a distinguished legal career spanning two decades as a civil litigator and business legal consultant representing clients ranging from individuals to Fortune 100 companies in the state and federal courts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Nevada.

David is responsible for presiding over 60,000 traffic related hearings annually. The Traffic Division received over 150,000 citation filings in 2014. David will adjudicate a variety of traffic sessions including, general public, out of city/state general public, in custody and attorney.

David is a graduate of Villanova University (Philosophy and Psychology), and from the Villanova University School of Law, and has earned numerous academic and subsequent professional accolades. He also holds a master’s degree in Law (LL.M.) in Dispute Resolution with a concentration in Mediation from the prestigious Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution of the Pepperdine University School of Law.


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