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FAQ - Civil Division - E-File

What is E-Filing?

Is E-Filing mandatory?

Why is the Court implementing E-Filing?

What is the benefit of E-Filing?

Who can E-File?

Are there charges for E-Filing?

What is required of the person doing the E-Filing?

Can a law firm's support staff file and serve documents electronically in this new system?

Do I have to be an attorney to E-File with the court?

How do I E-File a Proposed Order?

How long will it take for someone to review my document and how will I know when it has been Accepted or Rejected?

What do I do if I filed the wrong document or forgot to sign the document?

How does the court know if I signed the document?

Can any attorney access any other case information?

Can E-Filers be electronically served using the E-Filing system?

What should I do if I cannot convert my exhibit to a PDF?

If there is a technical problem with the E-Filing system, how will it affect the timeliness of my filing?

How will document signatures be handled for E-Filings?

Are there training options available for the new E-Filing system?

Do I need to install any software?

How will I know if I have successfully registered for E-Filing?

How many documents can I include in my submission? Is there a size limit per document or submission?

What document format is accepted?

How do I register for and use E-File and Serve?

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