Civil FAQ

Civil Division FAQs

A civil complaint has been filed against me, what do I do?
I need to have the Judge sign an order, what code do I use to submit it?
  • All proposed orders for Judge’s signature must be efiled through our efiling system at Please use the code Proposed Order when uploading an Order for a Judge’s signature.
Where do I get forms for civil cases?
How do I appeal the Judge's decision?
Can I mail in documents for the Court to file?
  • Las Vegas Justice Court does not accept filings via mail or email. All documents for the court must be filed with court through the Las Vegas Justice Court Court’s efiling system.  You can file your documents at or at Customer Service Division at the Las Justice Court (located on the first floor of the Regional Justice Center).
A Judgment has been entered against me, can I fight it?
I am being garnished and I think they are taking too much money.  What do I do?