Eviction FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I received an eviction notice, what do I do next?
How do I file an Answer with the Court?
What is the status of my case?
I filed an Answer, when will I get a hearing?
  • Once you have filed your Answer, the Landlord has 45 days from the time your notice has expired to file their complaint. Once your Landlord has filed their complaint you will receive a Notice of Hearing by email or mail.
What is my case number?
  • Once you have filed your documents with the court, you will receive a copy of your filed stamped documents in your email. Be sure to check your spam folder if you have not received your documents back from the Court.  Your case number will be on the documents.  If for some reason you do not receive your documents back in your email, you can search for your case number by clicking the following link, select civil records and searching by your name. https://lvjcpa.clarkcountynv.gov/Anonymous/default.aspx
I received an Order for Summary Eviction on my door, what do I do?
Can I appear virtually for my hearing?
How do I file an appeal to the Order for Summary Eviction?
Where do I get forms for Summary Eviction cases?
I am a Landlord and I want to evict my Tenant, what do I do?