Community Service Program FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to do Community Service Program?

Stop by the Customer Service lobby on the 1st floor of the Regional Justice Center, and take a criminal number.  The clerk will provide you a Community Service Program Information packet that includes instructions, timesheet, and a list of court approved nonprofit organizations.  You may also download and print the court approved timesheet and list of court approved nonprofit organizations from our website.

How are defendants assigned to the Community Service Program?

In certain criminal cases, the Court will allow defendants to participate in the Community Service Program in lieu of paying a fine.  The Court can also order defendants to complete mandatory community service hours.  Defendants must have a Community Service Referral provided by the court before they can participate in the program.

All defendants assessed a civil penalty are authorized to perform community service in lieu of payment at a court approved nonprofit organization without the need of a court order.

Where can I perform my community service hours?

Community service hours must be performed at a registered non-profit service agency.  The Community Service Program Information packet includes a list to assist you with locating a verified agency.  If you reside outside of the Clark County, Nevada jurisdiction, you may perform community service at any nonprofit organization with current 501(c)(3) status.  Community service hours must be reported on the court approved OUT OF STATE timesheet.

Can I find an agency on my own to perform my community service hours?

Yes, but it will be your responsibility to ensure that the agency you have selected is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit service agency. You might not receive credit for community service hours worked at an agency that is not a registered 501(c)(3) agency.

Who do I contact once I have selected an agency?

It is your responsibility to contact the agency you have selected for further instructions prior to attending.

Can I be paid for my community service work?
Defendants cannot be paid for the community service work they perform.
Will the court accept community service hours I have completed for another court case?

Community service you perform or submit for another court case may not be accepted by the Judge.

How many hours am I allowed to work per day?

Defendants cannot work more than eight (8) hours in any given day.

What do I do with the timesheet once I have completed my community service hours?
  • Ensure that the agency information is completely filled out, the timesheet is signed by an agency representative for each day for the applicable hours worked, and the perjury statement is initialed. The completed timesheet must be submitted to the Court no later than 10 business days prior to the next court date or due date on citation. Timesheet can be submitted using one of the following methods:
    • Hand-delivered to the Las Vegas Justice Court Customer Service Division, 200 Lewis Ave, 1st Floor, Las Vegas, NV 89101
    • Mailed to Las Vegas Justice Court, 200 Lewis Ave, 2nd Floor, Las Vegas, NV 89155
    • Emailed to
    • Faxed to (702)-671-3183
    • E-filed on
  • Timesheets that are worn, torn or soiled may be rejected.
  • Participant must initial perjury statement at bottom of timesheet.
  • Falsifying timesheets has serious repercussions.
What type of work sites are there?

The Las Vegas Justice Court Community Service Program offers work sites with public and non-profit agencies, 501(c)(3), in the community.  Physical and manual labor is required at all worksites.  Some agencies offer light duty for individuals with health restrictions.

Can I get and extension to complete my community service hours?

Your community service hours must be completed prior to the date assigned by the Court.  If an extension is needed to complete your hours, you will have to request the extension in court during your hearing.

Defendants performing community service in lieu of payment for an assessed civil penalty will need to contact the Court in-person or by phone to request a Payment Extension Agreement.

What can I do if I need additional timesheet?

You can PRINT additional timesheets from the comfort of your own home.  If you do not own a printer, you will need to visit Customer Service on the 1st floor of the Regional Justice Center and request additional timesheets. 

What happens once I have completed my community service hours and have submitted my timesheet to the Court?

The Court calls/emails the agency to verify the hours and the 501(c)(3) status on the timesheet submitted. The court then completes a report stating if the hours were able to be verified. This report is then provided to the department prior to the next court date. The report also includes any other pertinent information provided by the agency where the community service hours were performed.