Civil Contested Traffic Hearing Information

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Civil Contested Traffic Hearing Information

You have chosen to contest a civil traffic infraction, resulting in a civil contested traffic hearing being scheduled.  Here is general information regarding your upcoming civil contested traffic hearing.

1. You must personally appear on the hearing date and time set by the court. Please allow enough time before your hearing starts to park and get through the courthouse security check points.

2. In the event you fail to appear for your hearing, you will be found responsible by default and the civil penalty, administrative assessments, and any fees per NRS 50.225 will be imposed. NRS 50.225 fees may include witness fees, per diem allowances, travel expenses and other reimbursement in accordance with the law.

3. You may hire an attorney to represent you at your own expense.
a. You must personally appear with your attorney on the hearing date and time set by the court.
b. Requests for a continuance to hire an attorney on your scheduled hearing date will be denied. The case will move forward and you will need to represent yourself.

4. You may choose to represent yourself at the hearing.
a. By choosing to represent yourself, you are waiving (giving up) your right to have an attorney representing you at the hearing.
b. When representing yourself, you will need to follow the Justice Court Rules of Civil Procedure, Justice Court Rules of Las Vegas Township and the Nevada Revised Statutes for Evidence. You will not be afforded special treatment if you choose to represent yourself.

5. The facts that constitute civil traffic infractions must only be proven by a preponderance of evidence. All evidence and testimonies need to be prepared in advance of your hearing. The failure to bring evidence or witnesses to court will not delay or continue your hearing.
a. Documents and Physical Evidence
i. Bring original documents and one additional copy of the documents to court.
ii. Bring physical evidence to court that you wish to present as evidence.
iii. If you wish to present a video, please download the Kramer VIA application from either the Play Store (Android), iTunes (Apple), or Kramer (PC) on your device. You must bring your own device.

b. Witnesses
i. You have the right to subpoena a witness, including the peace officer or duly authorized member or volunteer of a traffic enforcement agency who issued the citation.
ii. To subpoena a witness, you may obtain a subpoena form from the Las Vegas Justice Court Customer Service Division, 1st Floor – Regional Justice Center. The form must be completed and submitted to a court clerk at the customer service window for processing.
iii. Any witness testifying on your behalf must be present in court with you on the hearing date and time set by the court.
iv. Witness affidavits will not be accepted.


6. Be informed that you as the defendant are not required to testify. You have the right to exercise your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, if you so desire.
a. If you decide not to testify, it will not be held against you.
b. If you decide to testify, you will testify under oath as a witness.

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