Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make an appointment to talk to my judge?
No, an appointment to talk with your judge is not allowed. All ex parte communication is prohibited by law, which requires that each party or their respective attorney is involved. This also means we can not pass on email sent to the Webmaster and addressed to a judge on matters pertaining to an active case.
How can I be heard by the judge?
The Court may only receive information on a case pending before a judge by the filing of the appropriate motion which would be set on the court's calendar. Any other information received outside of this procedure is prohibited. If the party cannot afford legal representation, then they may prepare the motion (a document indicating what relief/issue that they want the judge to address) by themselves.  The State and Local Bar Associations also may be able to help.
How do I contact an attorney?
This court cannot refer you to, nor recommend, any attorney. You will find attorneys listed in the telephone book or you may contact a Lawyer's Referral service. A referral and information service is also sponsored by the State and Local Bar Associations.
How do I find my case on-line?
You will find quick links on the home page of this site
What if I or one of my witnesses needs a foreign language interpreter?
You should make arrangements to have an interpreter available as the court is not obligated to provide a foreign language interpreter. Any disinterested third party may act as an interpreter or you may request interpreter services through the court interpreter’s office at (702) 671-4581.
Is there an organization in Southern Nevada to assist Senior Citizens?
You can contact the Southern Nevada Senior Law Project at this site
What if I want to try to resolve my issue without taking the matter to court?
The Neighborhood Justice Center provides no-cost mediation services to Clark County residents, businesses, and organizations.
What if I can't afford a lawyer?
The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada provides direct representation to income-qualifying people in southern Nevada in the areas of domestic violence, family law, immigration, consumer protection, landlord/tenant, social security, bankruptcy and foreclosure.